Jul 18, 2008

Zrce report: DJ Tiësto had a fantastic performance

One of the best world's DJ performed on 16 July 2008 in club Papaya on famous party beach – Zrce. Although he was obligated, by the strict contract, to perform just for two hours, intoxicated by the fantastic atmosphere in the club, DJ Tiësto performed for over 4 hours, until 6.30 AM (in line with the title of his latest album “In search for sunrise”) when the club was still packed and ready for Croatian DJ E-Base.

Afterwards DJ Tiësto said:
I have tasted Rakija (local brandy made of herbs, fruit or grapes) and I am delighted by its taste. The club is wonderful and so are the girls. Good I am not married!

All visitors and party-goers agreed: DJ Tiësto has the most complete performance accompanied by the perfect sound.

Party season continues…

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zrce said...

i liked it. great party