Jan 26, 2009

Croatia Travel Tips

Below I have listed a few of the JayWay Travel tips that we pass on to our clients to help them prepare for their stay in Croatia.

The local currency in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna. (Exchange rate) Croatia will probably not be on the Euro in the near future. Cash machines are everywhere so this is the most convenient way to get money and will give you the best exchange rates. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere so be prepared.

Customary to tip around 10% at restaurants but for bars and taxis it is not expected

The water from the tap is safe for drinking.

The cities are very safe for this region of the world. It is no problem walking the city streets late at night.

You should be able to find at least one internet café in the tourist cities so staying in touch with home is easy.

When taking a taxi from the street always ask how much the trip will be and make sure they are using their taxi meter. Taxi drivers in Croatia for the most part are quite honest.

You will find the people very friendly and welcoming as they are accustomed to tourists. They are also a very proud of their country and especially their home towns.

One of the highlights of Croatia is the food. You will find Mediterranean style cuisine consisting of lighter foods fresh caught from the sea with an emphasis on cooking with olive oil and fresh ingredients. Grilled meat dishes are also popular.

Croatia produces very good wines due to the favorable climate and are certainly worth a try. The local beers are light and have a refreshing taste for hot Croatian days. No trip is complete without trying a shot of the local liquor known as Rakija, a good way to digest a big dinner.

Croatian government adopted in September 2008 the law on the limitation of the use o tobacco products, according to which smoking will be banned in all public areas from May 2009. That includes bars & restaurants. The law also envisages fines for those who violate the law. Persons who serve food and drinks in a restaurant or café and do not warn guests about the smoking ban will be fined with 500 to 1,000 kuna. Smokers caught by inspectors smoking in areas where smoking is forbidden will have to pay a 1,000 kuna fine on the spot. (Exchange rate)

Electric Voltage
The electric current is 220V, 50 Hz and standard two pronged plugs are used. For American appliances a converter will be required.
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