Feb 8, 2009

Seasonal Croatia

Best time to visit Croatia? When to go to Croatia?

Croatia for the most part is a seasonal destination with more or less a six month period within which we recommend (JayWay) guests to travel. This period runs from the beginning of April until the end of October. Although we believe Croatia can be enjoyed any time of year it is really at its best when it is warm and the sun is shining. Below I have broken down the year month by month starting with April to provide some advice for planning when to take your next Croatia trip.


Typically around Easter time is when the cities in Croatia wake up from their winter rest and start to come to life. This is a very affordable time to go and especially good if you want to avoid the crowds. The weather can be quite pleasant and comfortable reaching t-shirt weather during the day but too early to take a dip in the sea. We would probably suggest spending more time on the coast with maybe a quick trip to sea for a taste of the islands. It is not the month to spend an extended period of time there because the island locations are especially dependent on warmer weather. Basing yourself in a place like Dubrovnik and making day trips would be our suggestion at this time of year.


Value for money wise maybe the best month to travel to Croatia. The crowds have not yet started to appear in masses but you will find most tourist services should be operational at this time or least starting to get their act together. Generally you will get your first taste of hotter weather in May so some time in the water is definitely a possibility. May is just out of what is deemed the peak season in Croatia from June to September so you can still find very reasonable rates for on services such as accommodations. For those looking for a more relaxed time of year to visit while still being able to enjoy the total Croatia experience May is a safe bet.


The unofficial opening to the summer season occurs around the middle of the month. From the first of June the summer transport schedules take effect providing visitors with a lot more options for ferries and buses. Also a number of the low cost European airline providers tend to start their Croatia routes in June so you will start to notice the crowds appearing from European countries. With the crowds comes an increase in pricing so you will see a fair jump in pricing from April and May. June is a good month for those who want a taste of the summer Croatian atmosphere but without the sometimes craziness of July and August.


July is the opening act for the headliner that is the month of August. If I had to pick between the two I would probably suggest guests travel in July rather than August. Make sure to be aware this is when the highest prices for services appear, restaurant owners will even change their menus and jack up the prices at this time. You also have to be more choosey with your restaurant selections as it is harder to come by freshest food choices due to the high demand in the peak months. However having said all this Croatia is really at its best in many ways during July in terms of weather, events and atmosphere so definitely a great month to enjoy the best of the Croatian summer.


The busiest month in Croatia and especially on the islands as all of Europe is on holiday. This is when the locals hope to cash in so don’t expect any discounts. If you like action and a happening scene August is just right for you. You can expect very hot temperatures so for those who want to take advantage of the crystal clear blue waters of the Adriatic and the various water activities there is no better month. In August it is more difficult to hop around locations for a night or two as most accommodation owners have minimum stay policies at this time. Having said that August is a good time for an extended stay in one location and for those looking to enjoy some sun and fun.


Probably my favorite travel month in Croatia. The crowds have died down and people are generally more relaxed at this time as they have weathered the storm of August. All of the services are still in full swing but there is a bit of calmness in the air. The weather is generally very nice, still hot but not a blazing heat and the water is very comfortable after having been warmed throughout the summer. You will see flight and accommodation prices drop significantly along with other tourist services. September is a transition month but for those who want the steak and not the sizzle September will definitely not disappoint.


This is the final month of the “season” and you will find a lot of services have already shut their doors by this time. In the last couple of years the weather in October has more than cooperated with very comfortable temperatures and it is not uncommon to find people enjoying the water well into October. A very affordable month to travel as the peak season pricing has officially come to a close. For those who enjoy a quiet holiday and don’t mind the inconvenience of not having certain services available October can be a very nice option.

November- March

I decided to combine these months as they all make up the off season in Croatia. We would probably not recommend traveling at this time although the first couple weeks of November and the last couple weeks of March might work in a warmer year. When visiting at this time I must say a lot of places have the feeling of a ghost town. I have made a few trips within these months and some of these destinations were difficult to recognize compared to the “season”. If you want extremely cheap prices then you will find it at this time as many services provide local pricing so certainly a benefit of traveling in this period.

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