Oct 15, 2008

Did you know that the necktie originates from the Croats?

The story goes that around the year 1635, some six thousand soldiers and knights came to Paris to give their support to King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu. Among them were a great number of Croatian mercenaries led by a ban, or Croatian viceroy.

Croatian soldiers within the Napoleon army were spotted to wear unusual and picturesque scarves around their necks as part of their standard uniforms. The scarves were made of various cloths, ranging from coarse material for common soldiers, to fine cotton and silk for officers. This elegant "Croatian style" immediately enamoured the French noblemen, who were delighted by the new article of clothing, which had been previously unknown in Europe and soon the fashionable expression in French "a la croate" soon evolved into a new French word, which still exists today: la cravate and it became the word which in many languages still resembles to the name of Croatia - the homeland of the Cravate.

Every day more than 600 million people around the globe wear this fashion detail around their necks, close to their hearts.

Croata company produces original Croatian neckties that can be found in many Croatian towns.

Special packages are also available for all those looking for original souvenir from Croatia - Croata with a Story.

From 26$ for a Souvenir Collection up to 150$ for special collections.

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